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Young and Old alike - as young as 3 years old and those as old as 80 have ridden our mechanical bull

Young and the Young-at-heart

PBR World Champion Mike Lee

PBR World Champion Mike Lee

Exclusive Provider of Mechanical Bulls to
PBR - Professional Bull Riders
See New Heights Bulls Across the USA
on tour with PBR.

The Bull

New Heights is the largest operator of mechanical bulls in the USA. Our professional operator controls all aspects of the bull's movements so we can provide the appropriate ride.

For kids as young as 3 and as young at heart as an 80 year old great grandmother who have enjoyed riding one of New Heights Bulls. But we can still give experienced cowboys all they can handle as PBR World Champion Mike Lee can attest.

Unlike the older "Urban Cowboy" type of Bull you have seen ours is much more realistic looking. . Additionally with a head, foam rubber horns and authentic cow hide, it is much safer. It comes with an 18 X 18 circular air mattress which completely surrounds it to make for a safe soft landing when the rider is thrown. Like our other products, our safety record on The Bull is perfect.

Additionally we can remove the Bull from the base, and put on a surfboard. One minute we have a rodeo, the next minute it's a beach party.

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