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For a copy of our current insurance information please contact:
Brian Dickens


"Remaining Accident Free is out #1 Priority" - Brian Dickens, owner

Our owner's background is in liability insurance, and safe operating procedures as well as safe equipment are of the highest priority.

We are required to furnish the State our itinerary and we are randomly inspected regularly. We have never had any issues to address by random inspections. Most states do not regulate the operation of this type of equipment, so as a Kentucky Operator you have some additional assurance with New Heights.

Our equipment is maintained & inspected prior to each event and daily when set up. Our operators may have to shut down the products in the event of storms, high winds, or other uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances.

We also have rules regarding the health of participants which are posted when we set up. These rules will be enforced for participants safety.

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