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The Wall

Bringing in New Heights' mobile Climbing Wall will make your next event special. Kids and adults from age 3 to 73 have sucessfully climbed our walls.

Some of our Walls have 4 different climbing routes, each with various degrees of difficulty, and each allowing you to climb to 25 feet!

Auto Belay
Our Wall utilizes a patented "Auto Belay" system to insure climber safety and will allow for 5 people to climb at the same time. Each climber wears a harness which is then attached to a cable. The cable slowly lowers the climber to the ground should they fall off, or when they reach the top. Many choose to repel down!

Fun & Challenging
Climbing the Wall is fun, but a challenge. The majority of the climbers can reach the top on at least 1 of the 5 routes. And everyone comes off the wall with an appreciation of climbing especially when they press the button to sound the siren at the top of the wall!

Themed Wall
We have a number of different walls. Our themed wall, Tree and Waterfall, is very popular. Like many New Heights Walls this one utilizes auto belays and sets up in 20 minutes.

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