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Log Rolling

You've seen lumberjacks compete at this event. Balancing on logs floating in the water as the log spins faster and faster trying to stay on longer than their opponent. New Heights now offers you the same challenging experience, only we don't require water. Land on the inflatable air matress that surrounds the log. Fun and challenging for all ages.

log rolling

Inflatable Twister

Everyone played this game as a kid, now New Heights makes it even more fun. Our inflatable Twister Game is a huge hit, as well as an entertaining game to watch.

inflatable twister

Cash Cube

Fill our cash cube with real money, coupons, gift certificate or a little of each. Place someone inside, turn on the fan as see how much they can grab as it flys around.


Segway Rental

The Segway may be the coolest means of transportation invented. Owners of Porches, Ferraris and other exotic cars get more fun cruising around on there Segway then they do their cars. Bringing 2 or more of our Segways to your event will allow your guests to experience this incredible technology.

Once your safety helmet has been placed on, and our experienced operator has gone over the basics, you will be able to drive your Segway around our obstacle course.

Or if you really want to have an event to that is talked about for years, have a Segway Polo game.

You should be warned, once you have experienced the unique excitement of cruising around on a Segway, your going to want to have your own.


New Heights NASCAR Simulator

New Heights NASCAR Simulator offers you an incredible chance to experience the thrill of the popular sport. We offer you the opportunity to test your skill as a driver of the NASCAR, see how fast you can take it, hit the wall and watch the car come apart on the video screen inside the life size replica NASCAR. Get your team together and take the Pit Crew Challenge. We supply the jack, the authentic race tires and the air wrench, see how fast you can change the tires. Perfect for individual or team challenges.

Inflatable Lazer Tag

We bring our inflatable Lazer Arena to you, up to 8 people can play at a time, we offer scoring for teams and individuals. Add Fog, Black Lights, Music and New Heights Lazer Tag becomes even more exciting.


Castle Slide

When you want a Themed Slide or have a Big Crowd the New Height Castle Slide is what you need. Offering 2 lanes for everyone to slide down. A little something extra over standard inflatable slides

Cow Milking Contest

Bringing in one of our Bulls? Why not add a cow milking contest to your themed event. Competitors race to see who can milk the cow the fastest.

Rodeo Roper

Bull Riding, Cow Milking dont stop there add calf roping. Sitting on our authentic saddle and full sized replica horse, Cowboys attempt to lasso the calf as it races down the track. New Heights provides everything you need to test your Cowboy Roping Skills.

Soak Em Shower

Everyone is familiar with the dunk tank but New Heights has taken a design that has stayed the same for 40 years and made it better with the Soak Em Shower. Easy to set up inside or outside the participant sits in a fully contained shower. Instead of throwing a baseball at the target we allow you to take a golf putt. If you sink it, the shower comes on and the person sitting in the shower is soaked. Unlike the traditional dunk tank the Soak Em Shower can set up quick and easy and requires only 3 gallons of water. This allow us to use it inside or outside. If you dont want to putt to get the person wet we can still set it up for throwing a ball.

The Inflatable Slip & Slide

We take the popular water attraction in to modern times. Our Inflatable slip & slide creates a fast slippery surface that allows you to slide 45 feet on your back, stomach front wards or backwards, and the end of which you land in a pool of water. Unlike what you may have set up in your back yard as a kid this is fast, fun and the fact the surface is inflatable you don’t get cuts and bruises from sliding over rocks in your yard. This warm weather attraction is hugely popular with kids, and at making adults feel like kids again.

The Obstacle Course

Our obstacle course allows for 2 people to race against each other as they go up, over, and around numerous obstacles. Before they get to the end of the course cargo netting helps them climb to the top before they slide down to the end of the course.


The joust is an awesome attraction that allows 2 people to compete against each other. Each participant stands on a padded pedestal surrounded by a large inflatable air mattress. Using custom made padded jousting poles participants battle to knock each other of their pedestal. This is a fun to watch as it is participate, and it is perfectly safe.

The Bungee Run

Our 2 lane bungee run allow participants race the length of the inflatable course, working against the pull of the bungee cord pulling them back to the starting point. The winner is the participant who places their marker farthest down the run before being pulled back by the tension of the bungee cord.

Giant Slides

We have several slides to choose from. Single lane, double lane, our slides command attention, and delivers fun for all ages. Participants climb a side stairway and then slide on the special sliding surface.

Velcro Wall

Specially designed suits of Velcro are worn by the participants that allow them to stick to the large 20 feet tall wall. Participants run down the runway and bounce on a super bounce pad, which launches them onto the targeted Velcro area. An interactive inflatable that delivers fun for the participant and the spectators.

Inflatable Boxing

2 Contestants square in our inflatable boxing ring, each wearing huge oversize “boxing gloves” The gloves are so big and soft no one can be injured but you can still knock each other around.

Sponge Bob Bounce House

The inflatable bounce house is designed for pre-teens to simply get inside and jump and burn energy. Themed like the popular cartoon character, Sponge Bob.

Karaoke Party

New Heights has a state of the art digital karaoke system. Offering thousands of music selections. We can also record your performance with video and audio on DVD disc.

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The Bull

New Heights is the largest operator of mechanical bulls in the USA. Our professional operator controls all aspects of the bull's movements so we can provide the appropriate ride.

For kids as young as 3 and as young at heart as an 80 year old great grandmother who have enjoyed riding one of New Heights Bulls. But we can still give experienced cowboys all they can handle as PBR World Champion Mike Lee can attest.

Unlike the older "Urban Cowboy" type of Bull you have seen ours is much more realistic looking. . Additionally with a head, foam rubber horns and authentic cow hide, it is much safer. It comes with an 18 X 18 circular air mattress which completely surrounds it to make for a safe soft landing when the rider is thrown. Like our other products, our safety record on The Bull is perfect.

Surfboard Additionally we can remove the Bull from the base, and put on a surfboard. One minute we have a rodeo, the next minute it's a beach party.

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mechanical bull

Climbing Wall

Bringing in New Heights' mobile Climbing Wall will make your next event special. Kids and adults from age 3 to 73 have successfully climbed our walls.

Some of our Walls have 4 different climbing routes, each with various degrees of difficulty, and each allowing you to climb to 25 feet!

Auto Belay
Our Wall utilizes a patented "Auto Belay" system to insure climber safety and will allow for 5 people to climb at the same time. Each climber wears a harness which is then attached to a cable. The cable slowly lowers the climber to the ground should they fall off, or when they reach the top. Many choose to repel down!

Fun & Challenging
Climbing the Wall is fun, but a challenge. The majority of the climbers can reach the top on at least 1 of the 5 routes. And everyone comes off the wall with an appreciation of climbing especially when they press the button to sound the siren at the top of the wall!

Themed Wall
We have a number of different walls. Our themed wall, Tree and Waterfall, is very popular. Like many New Heights Walls this one utilizes auto belays and sets up in 20 minutes.

[Climbing Wall page]

climbing wall

Euro Bungee

Our 4 station Euro Bungee allows up to four people to safely do a variety of aerial aerobatics. Safety cords are attached to the participants harness, and they are jumping on an inflatable air mattress. Jumper can do multiple flips, and jump as high as 25 feet.

[Euro Bungee page]

euro bungee

Foam Party

Our Foam cannon creates safe, harmless sudsy foam which kids love to play in. In about 20 minutes we can cover a 20 X 20 area with 4 feet of foam. We can conduct the foam party inside or outside. We also can add music and lights to create a memorable party for your guests.

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Foam Party

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